It all started when…

I couldn't find a sports drink that wasn't full of Bullshit. It seemed like everything was either artificially carbonated, artificially colored, and artificially flavored.

In 2014, I stumbled upon a recipe for fermented tea that was thousands of years old, Kombucha. It called for tea, time, & temperature. My experience as a materials engineer granted me intuitions in the realms of time and temperature processes; it appeared it was time to learn about Tea.

At the time I was working as an automation engineer with some of the worlds biggest manufacturers. If you've ever seen the show "How it's Made", that was basically my life. Go into the manufacturing plant, scope out inefficiency, and provide an automated solution.

I had an epiphany while working on a generic brand cheese puff machine. I had the perfect skill-set to bring this fermented tea I was making at home, to athletes in Chicago. I scaled up in my parents house, sold Kombucha to my Rugby teammates, and moved into a manufactuing facility in the city.

I, Matt Lancor, Proudly bring you:

Handcrafted, Glass Fermented, Exclusively Organic, Continuously Brewed, Performance Kombucha. Designed for your Higher Self


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