Growler Delivery Program

Growler Delivery Program


Live in Chicago? Want to pay less for Kombucha? Be more sustainable?

try our program:

we deliver 3 growlers right to your door (1.5 gal)

Kombuchade your life

Kombuchade was created by Matt Lancor, a local Rugby player for the Chicago Lions. He was on a mission to find a functional beverage that was actively aiding his health and wellness journey. After trying Kombucha for the first time in Seattle at the 2014 USA Rugby National Championships, he came back to Chicago and founded Kombuchade in June of 2015. Utilizing his skills as an engineer from the University of Illinois, Matt has blended the best of the western scientific world, with an ancient healing beverage from the east. Kombuchade's different blends are created by brewing a batch of organic herbs and teas, then the solution is fermented in glass with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). What you get is an effervescent probiotic tea, designed for athletes.